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Mailbox Services

Mail Express offers mailbox rental for businesses, such as postal and shipping stores, that allows individuals or businesses to rent a physical mailbox at a commercial location. This service is especially useful for those who need a secure and private mailing address separate from their home or office address. Here are some key points to understand about mailbox rental:

  1. Privacy: Renting a mailbox provides a level of privacy because your mailbox address is not your home or office address. This can be particularly important for small business owners or individuals who want to keep their personal address confidential.

  2. Security: Mailbox rental locations typically have secure facilities with controlled access, surveillance cameras, and staff to receive and sign for packages. This adds an extra layer of security to your mail and packages.

  3. Mail and Package Handling: When you rent a mailbox, you can receive mail and packages at that address. Mailbox rental providers will accept and sign for packages on your behalf, ensuring you don't miss important deliveries.

  4. Professional Image: For small businesses and startups, having a commercial mailbox can enhance their professional image. It gives the impression of a physical office location and can help build trust with customers and partners.

  5. Travel and Mobility: If you frequently travel or move, a mailbox rental can provide a stable address where you can receive mail and packages, regardless of your location.

  6. Different Sizes: Mailbox rental providers often offer various mailbox sizes to accommodate different needs. You can choose a size that suits your volume of mail and packages.

  7. Notification Services: Many mailbox rental services offer notification services, such as email or text alerts, to inform you when new mail or packages arrive.

  8. Mail Forwarding: Some mailbox rental providers offer mail forwarding services, where they can send your mail and packages to another address, which can be useful if you're temporarily away from your mailbox location.

  9. USPS Approved: Many mailbox rental locations are approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS), which means you can receive mail from all carriers, not just the USPS.

To rent a mailbox, you typically need to visit our mailbox rental center, complete an application, provide identification, and pay a rental fee. The cost of mailbox rental varies depending on the location, mailbox size, and additional services you require.

  • Our mailbox rentals are only $20 a month for letters.

  • $27.00 a month for packages

  • Additional information inside store

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